Love in Recession

Black couples in love

‘There is no love without giving’.

That is the truth.

When you love someone you want to give to the person, you want to show your love. You want to solve all their problems. You want to do everything you can.

How can you do this when you are struggling financially, when you have so many challenges to address? How do you remind your beloved that those butterflies are still there without breaking the bank?

These suggestions may be the cheesiest thing you read in a long time but they have worked for many;


I know many men would frown at you when you keep posing for pictures and taking one thousand shots till you get the right one but you are hearing this from me “don’t stop”. There would come a time when things may not feel the same and one of you will need encouragement. Sometimes a picture perfect moment with a sweet caption will bring a smile to both of you


Yes, you say words of endearment every time but a card is a record of this. You know cards are much more valuable after time has passed

The Beach

You may never have the chance to gallop towards her like Prince Charming, you may never get the chariot but who says you can’t gallop across the beach? Sometimes the ridiculousness of these moments is what keeps the love sweet.

A Special Meal

Who says because it is home, it can’t be special? Bring out the good china and set the table, light a candle, put on some great music. Welcome with a smile and a sumptuous dish. Presentation is key

Go Dancing

No, I am not sending you to pop bottles at some expensive club. You can even hit somewhere local. Sometimes you just need to do the bump and grind to remind yourselves you still got it

Buy a sentimental gift

Not the most expensive gift but a gift that would mean something to both of you. It could even be an inside joke only two of you would understand. It could be little but if it is given to someone you love the thought would be the most important thing