Makeup Technique: Tricks For Fuller Lips

If you’ve always wanted to learn all of the different makeup tips to make lips look bigger and sexier so you can have luscious lips like Angelina Jolie’s, you are not alone.

You can get plumper lips without some scary medical procedure or fancy new contraption. These genius tips will give you an Angelina Jolie pout with barely any effort.

Fuller Lips

fuller tick lips

Tricks For Fuller and Luscious Lips

You’ll need

  • A light nude makeup pencil (typically a multi-purpose pencil or a concealer pencil)
  • A nude/blush lip pencil just a hair darker than your natural lip color
  • A sheer lipstick or nude gloss

Pick up your light nude pencil and begin applying to just the center of your lips. Keep this color between your cupid’s bow; if you put your index finger right at the center of your lips, that’s about as much area as you want to cover.

Make sure you extend your light nude pencil to the edge of your cupid’s bow as well as the lowest part of your bottom lip. Be careful not to draw outside of your actual lip line.

Now pick up your darker lip pencil and just outline and fill in your lips at the outer corners, blending inward just slightly.

Using your finger, lightly blend out the edges of the lighter color to eliminate any harsh lines you may have created.

Finish your look off by applying a very sheer lipstick or a nude gloss. The more sheer, the better so that the highlight and contour come through!