Makeup Tips: The Perfect Arch For Your Face Shape

Wow...the fabulous power of a perfectly shaped eyebrow (arch)! Brows are so major that they can either build or ruin your appearance. With or without makeup, your brow shape can notably change the shape of your face and your entire looks. Unfortunately, eye-brow shapes are not “one-size fits all”. Just like body shapes, facial shapes also differ, and there are varieties of eyebrow arches to fit different face shapes. 

Trying to groom your brows but don’t know the ideal arch for your face shape? Simply pull your hair back and with your ears exposed, take a good look at yourself in the mirror: 

-Your cheekbones are prominent but your forehead appears wider than your chins? Your face is oval shaped! Lucky you! You’ve got the most considered perfect face shape; well proportioned and ideal. A soft arch will maintain your already balanced face.

-If your face appears almost as wide as it is long, or probably widest at your cheeks, then it’s a round face. The most suitable eyebrows for round faces are angular high arched brows. These will definitely bring out the definitions of your face; make your face appear longer by giving it an oval-shaped illusion. Longer brows are also very agreeable in flattering rounded faces. Avoid straight thick brows. 

-You’ve got full wide forehead but it narrows into your chin? That’s heart shaped face! Heart shaped faces are almost similar to oval faces. Though most eyebrow arches are good on heart shaped faces, a rounded eyebrow arch is simply the best for your face shape. Lower rounded arches are feminine and will give you an attractive natural look. And if your face is a shorter heart shaped, try highly arched brows. They will add some length to create a dramatic look and balance out any hint of pointy small chin. 

-Is the width of your forehead, cheekbones and jaw almost similar? Your face is looking sculpted with square angular jaw-lines? Then you’ve got a face shape that’s considered masculine but sexy - Square face. An angled brow with a noticeable high arch will balance off your face’s strong features. Pass-up round angular arches but opt for softer curves to soften your looks. You may also want to leave your natural brows a little thicker as it gives a more natural but not overly defined brow shape.-Your face looks slightly stretched out? Is it looking like oval but longer than wide? Oblong shaped face it is! More than any other face shape, an oblong face (also called long face) needs a straighter arch to flatter it. Minimal straight shaped eyebrows or gorgeous flat brows will balance your face nicely by helping to shorten the overall length of your face. Arched brows are an absolute no for your face shape.  

Now you know your face shape and the best eyebrow arch that flatters you uniquely. What’s more? Enhance your face... flawlessly balance it off with stunning arches!