Maternity Fashion: Looking Trendy During Pregnancy

Looking good during pregnancy sometimes seems like a difficult task. Finding the right clothes to wear to fit your new size/shape might not be easy, coupled with the fact that you may have outgrown most of your clothing. For some people, it seems like overnight nothing in their wardrobe fits any longer, and they can’t find anything suitable to wear.

Trendy Look During Pregnancy

For a working mum to be, it could be most challenging, especially if you are working in a corporate organisation. The good news is, it’s not difficult to look good, and it's even possible to keep up with fashion trends while pregnant. Here are some pregnancy essentials and tips to guide you, to keep you looking trendy even till your last trimester.


One of the pregnancy must-haves is leggings. Leggings are every pregnant woman’s best friend, not only are they comfortable and easy to wear, they go with almost everything.  You might not even need to buy more when you get pregnant because you can still rock the ones you had pre-pregnancy. They can be paired with tunics, fitted tops and dresses for a casual chic look.

Comfy Shoes

Now is the time to ditch those strappy high heels and stilettos for comfy low-heeled shoes like flats, ballerinas, slips, sandals, loafers, etc.  You can buy neutral colours that can be worn with most clothes, and can still be useful even after pregnancy.

Black maternity top

Tanks, Camisoles and Tees

You should invest in these as they are comfy and stretchy and can be paired with almost anything. They can be worn casually at home or paired with blazers and cardigans for outings or even to work.

lady on maternity top

Cardigans, Blazers, Jackets

These will come in handy especially for working mums, and you could pair them effortlessly with camis, form- fitting dresses, loose-fitting dresses and wrap dresses.

Maternity Jeans

The casual jean lovers are not left out even during pregnancy as there are different styles available such as maternity skinny jeans, boot-cut maternity jeans, etc. The maternity jeans are quite comfortable since they have a stretchy part at the top to fit your bump.

Tunics/Lose Fitting and Wrap dresses

 A lot of women prefer to wear loose fitting clothes because they are comfortable and easy to wear. They come in different lengths and styles such as halter necks, long sleeved, short sleeved, etc. They can be paired with blazers for the working woman or for an outing.

Tunics are free flowing and very comfortable which makes it a maternity must-have.  They pair well with leggings and maternity skinny jeans.

Wrap dresses/ tops are flattering on pregnant women as they make you look sexy without being uncomfortable. They can be paired with beautiful low heeled sandals and platforms to events.

Tunics/Lose Fitting and Wrap dresses

Form-Fitting dresses

Form-fitting dresses such as the body-con can be worn almost anywhere depending on the way it is styled. When paired with blazers or cardigans they can be worn to work or corporate events, and they can be worn alone with a nice pair of sandals for a cute casual look.