Must Read Book of the Month - Lonely Roads by William Ifeanyi Moore

I remember there was a time I was very enthusiastic about African authors. I would go to the bookshop at the Galleria almost every week to see what was new. Most times, I was challenged after reading. Like here I am with so many stories in my head waiting for the magical hour to put them on paper. I am always proud of those who have taken time out to write those stories, type them, correct them and modify them if necessary. I rekindled my love for African literature by picking up a book Lonely Roads by William Ifeanyi Moore.

I read the excerpts online and was convinced I had to read more. There is something about forbidden love that gets my blood pumping.


Lonely Roads synopsis

The book is set in the era of slave trade and a time when the Igbo Osu (slave) caste system was firmly in place. It gives a brief narration of how one became an Osu in those days without being born into it. The consequences of starting a family as an Osu, the unending loneliness and of course the danger of falling in love outside of your social class.

This book tells the story of Afam Udemba who if not for the circumstances of his birth would have been a great man. The 'adopted' son of an Osu woman, his life is filled with loneliness as he is banished from his society.

Women have long been the downfall of men from the days of Adam. Adaobi in this story is no exception, the beautiful daughter of Onwa, a chief and close friend of the traditional ruler. She breaks the norm, predictability and loneliness of Afam's life. As with all flaming passions, they both get burnt but there is restoration even in the bleakest of circumstances.

Lonely Roads is a totally engrossing book from a promising Nigerian author. Worth a read.