Natural Hairstyles

I have never really considered going natural till now. I have always flirted with the idea of natural hairstyles but I’ve been scared about how I would look. I didn’t want to suddenly switch from having that good hair laid to looking unkempt or like I had joined a particular religious sect. The story is totally different now; just look at all the hotties on Instagram with natural hair!

African women are born artists. The most prominent and common evidence to their creative instincts is natural hairstyles. If you are not convinced, you only need to visit Kemi Lewis’ page. I don’t currently have natural hair so this is not an ad. There’s more options now with what you can do to your hair.

Afro-style hairstyles feature amazing and innovative braids, Faux-hawk or Mohawk updos and striking extreme short hairstyles.

Our typical natural curls, thick texture and dreadlocks allow us to create distinguished hairstyles that will make us stand out among the crowd and get the attention that women and girls absolutely love to get. Naturalist a blaas sport flashy volume in their hair and that gives them plenty of design options and they can style their hair in a ton of different ways. Creative braided hairdos are the most attractive type of natural hairstyles for black women. A modern day black woman still loves to wear classic Afro-hairstyle with a bit added modifications that truly make them stand out. That way, they don’t look typical when they walk down the street. Instead they stand out and everyone notices them.

There’s never been a better time to rock your natural coils, kinks and curls. Keep up to date with the latest trends in black natural hairstyles and check out these awesome looks below for your next hairdo. Even natural hair styles for nuptials these days. Check them out.