Recipe: Ayamashe Stew

Ayamashe Stew

You start appreciating the things that are most distant. I never thought I was such a fan of Nigerian food till I moved from Nigeria. I was always the first person who would want to try Mexican, Italian or Indian but these days I would be craving rice and stew from Olaiya.

A good friend decided to pity me and make me the most delicious stew I have ever tasted till date. This wonder stew was called Ayamashe; I enjoyed it so much I want you to make this for someone you love. You can serve this stew with rice and fried plantain, boiled egg and chilled coke if you must.

ayamashe stew


Meat; the more, the merrier. Every spoonful should have some meat. You should use a variety, cow leg, shaki, kpomo, round about, liver, etc.

2 cups of palm oil

2 cups of chopped red onions

Eight bell green peppers

Two red peppers (rodo)

Locust beans

Seasoning cubes



  • Cut the meat into tiny pieces and boil
  • Blend the green peppers and red peppers to form a paste
  • the pepper to remove all the moisture and sour taste
  • Bleach the palm oil; heat the palm oil in a covered pot for about ten minutes till it becomes almost transparent
  • Reduce the heat then add the chopped onions and locust beans
  • Put the meats into the oil to fry for about 10 minutes then add the pepper
  • Make sure the pepper is properly , keep stirring till the oil floats on top
  • Add the meat stock in small quantities, do not let this turn to soup
  • Let it for a bit
  • Like I serve with steamed rice, fried and chilled coke.