Relaxing Pressure Points For Self-Massage

Stress is an inevitable feature of our ordinary everyday lives and being able to deal with it aptly is quite fundamental. When I feel stressed, the first thing that comes to mind is massage. You know why? Massage does wonders for sore muscles.

The act of rubbing parts of the body is a very efficient old-age healing practice for relaxation. It enhances circulation and improves motion in joints. Massage significantly decreases levels of the stress hormone. However due to time constraint, a visit to the spa for a full body massage often seems more like a fantasy than reality. Have you ever been in a similar situation?


lady doing massage

Here’s some great news! You can treat yourself to some self-massage. Whether trying to sleep at home, or stuck in traffic or having a rough day at work, there are certain areas in the body known to correspond to the pressure that you can massage to bring an overwhelming feeling of relaxation within minutes. These areas are sensitive and when stimulated, promote relief from pain, tension and stress. Habitually used in massage therapy, this technique is a vital part of Chinese traditional medicine. Love to know these areas? Let’s check out a few easy ones:

Your temple – that flat part of your skull next to your eyes – is easy to reach pressure point. Just apply direct pressure on both sides of your head working in a slow circular motion. Move your fingertips slightly inwards and gently move around your temple toward your brows (sides of your head). The stress gradually fades as you do this. Massaging this point also helps to relieve headaches considerably.

The base where your smallest finger intersects with the crease of your wrist is called Shenmen. Also known as spirit gate or H7, this acupressure point is great for relieving tension. Apply pressure generously for about 60minutes with your thumb on this point. Energy levels will decrease, and you’ll sleep a lot better.

Another useful pressure point that helps with sleep and anxiety is Neiguan (inner gate). To locate it, measure three fingers down from your wrist; right there is this acupoint. Apply firm pressure to this point with your thumb, gently kneading in a circular motion for at least 2 minutes. Try this on both wrists and you’ll feel less tight and anxious almost immediately. It works in relieving nausea too!

Standing all day and feel strained in your feet? There’s a pressure point exactly below the ball of your foot. Sitting with a leg crossed over the other, rest your foot on your knee and firmly press the centre of your foot with your thumb. Ensure to hold on this acupressure point and gently massage for at least 2 minutes until you feel relaxed, rested and amazingly energised.

Looking real convenient, right? When next you need to relax, try these out and enjoy some tranquillity within your body almost instantly.