Side Hustle 101: Makeup Artistry

I became more interested in makeup when I was involved in planning my best friend's wedding. We were trying to book a makeup artist for two days. The quotes we were getting were astronomical, at least for our budget. We ended up getting a renowned artist for a sweet deal of N200,000 that is N100,000 per day. I mean that is a comfortable monthly salary for many people.

There are a lot of complaints now about the economy. It has become harder for people to find jobs, even those with jobs are experiencing cutbacks on salary while the cost of living keeps rising. A second, third even fourth source of income is always nice to have.

Makeup artistry is a really viable option right now. Even with all the economy wahala, we Nigerians still love to party and party looking our best. It is very common for women to book makeup artists to attend events even when they are not the centre of attention. The market is available, and the demand is high.

How To Become A Makeup Artist In Nigeria

Makeup done on dark lady

  • Learn your craft

It is very easy to say there are a lot of makeup artists out there, but the big names keep getting most of the jobs because people want quality and are ready to pay for it. If you have an interest in makeup, brush up your skills with classes or even YouTube tutorials. Practice as often as you can on yourself and your friends


  • Invest in your craft

If you are serious about making money from makeup, you got to have the right tools. Buy! Buy! Buy! You are going to have to buy beauty products for every skin shade and variety.


  • Create a Brand

Branding is crucial, create a brand name and logo that is instantly recognisable. This makes you look more professional. You should use this logo to watermark all your pictures on social media so that when your photos are shared, people recognise your work.


  • Be Social

You need to build an audience. No matter how good you are if you do not attract people, you have no way to gain customers hence no way to make money. Join all the social media networks, follow people in similar businesses that can refer customers your way. Network with event planners, photographers, models and others in the creative industry to build relationships, share business ideas and customer base. Regularly upload photos and videos of your work.


  • Advertise

Granted the best form of advertisement is word of mouth but to keep the business flowing and customers coming in droves, do not be afraid to promote your goods and services. Use social media to your advantage by advertising on popular platforms. Spend money to make money. If possible form a partnership with a celebrity or well-known person to use as a muse. This technique is currently trending with great results.


  • Keep Improving

You are only as good as your last job. Keep striving to be better.

Good luck!