Side Hustle: Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Last night I started to write this article but slept off. I, however, woke up to news that one of my guilty pleasures, a relationship page on Instagram after reaching a hundred thousand followers has decided to monetize. This brings me to my point; since we all spend some much time online, there has to be a benefit of doing so. This year, we have to look at things with new eyes and see the cash cows in every situation.

You may be thinking at this point, how do I get started? I am recommending digital marketing to you across the internet, talking about blogs, social media platforms; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter even Snapchat. This is not a new thing; we all remember how the number of blogs rose when Linda Ikeji bought her Banana Island mansion. I am going to teach you how to tailor your online business to suit you.

Digital Marketing

Choose a niche
Yes, gossip blogs are a big business, but it is a saturated market so except you can bring in something totally fresh, I suggest you stay out of it. Instablog9ja is new, but they came with a twist, instead of a regular blog they are on Instagram using catchy sarcastic delivery lines making the most mundane news funny.

Choose a platform
Decide if you want a blog or to use any of the social media platforms. I suggest you use the one which you enjoy the most. The self-acclaimed Nigerian king of Snapchat has started placing adverts and promotions on his page

Grow your audience
Before you start asking people to come and advertise on your platform, make sure you have some very impressive numbers. A very good friend of mine currently has 413,000 followers and advert subscriptions enough to cover her monthly expenses and luxuries. I am sure you are wondering how to get the numbers?

Be Consistent
Whatever you decide to do, don’t stop even if it starts out really show. There are many ways you can build your audience; the first being great content. If you decide for instance you want to review Nigerian Make Up artistes, have solid content voicing your opinions and offering valuable information for potential customers. You can also connect with those who have a larger audience through contributing content, partnership even placing an advert to publicize your new business.

2017 is the year to make your dreams a reality. I am looking forward to your success stories.

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