Side Hustle: Simple Catering Business

Catering Business

You know how these days everyone says they are so busy, or the Lagos traffic is killing, or there are crazy deadlines at work, these could be valid excuses or just excuses to get out of doing embarrassing things. Anyway, I thought you could make some money off people’s busy schedules. I mean no matter how busy anyone gets, they are never too busy to eat.
You may be thinking the catering business is saturated, but I am proposing a smaller scale more customized service. I know this is not a new frontier, but this might just be the perfect side hustle for someone who loves cooking and wants to make some money. There are many ways you can go about this;

(1) For the office folk
You could draw up a weekly menu if you like or take down lunch orders the day before and take it with you to the office and charge a competitive price. If you love to cook, you would probably be preparing your lunch to work and make some extra for your colleagues.

(2) Take advantage of the bachelors
I was shopping at the mall one day and saw a bowl of efo riro ready to go; my mouth was watering as I headed down the detergent aisle. I went back to spy it, and the idea came to me how I wished someone would supply me soups and stew every two weeks. You could be that someone. I am not a bachelor, but I bet many like-minded people would enjoy this service.

(3) The illusion of homemade meals
Some people love to host friends but hate the stress that goes with it. Offer your services to those catering for small numbers, for instance, the wife hosting her in-laws who want to eat ekpang kukwo after she returns from work.

(4) For them fit fam
A lot of health conscious people are looking for low cholesterol meals. You can supply them a week’s worth of meals, save them the stress and let them stay on track with their fitness.

This business would really work for someone who enjoys and can make time for the process of cooking. If you have to employ someone else it cuts into your profits.

Any takers?