Snack Right

As I write this, I am in my office contemplating a large plate of Ofada rice with plenty orisirisi and a chilled bottle of cola. I looked down at my belly and I knew that would be the worst decision especially as I am not hungry, I just want to snack.

Overeating is a problem a lot of people struggle with especially those who binge. This simply means to indulge excessively especially in food and alcohol. We also have those who eat to comfort themselves when they are sad, anxious even those who eat excessively when they are happy.

We are talking about those whose emotions are tied to their stomachs or you can be like me, eating because you are bored or for a lack of activity. As we all know what you consume on the inside gets to show on the outside and not always in a flattering manner. However if you must snack, try to do so with food items with low fat and generally lower calories. Try some these snack ideas when next you are in the mood.

Snack Ideas

1.     Coconuts

If you like Bounty chocolate you should enjoy this. Just kidding. Why not chump on some coconuts? It would definitely keep your mouth moving. It has enough fibre to get your bowels moving. Moderation please.

2.     Carrots

What’s up Doc? Definitely snack on this. It is also rich in Vitamin A

3.     Dark Chocolate

Chocolate snack

If you are a chocolate lover I bet you love to see this on the list. Try this healthier variant of chocolate.

4.     Plantain Chips

 Plantain Chips snack

My personal favourite. If you love Pringles you would love this. Remarkably less fat too.

5.      Yogurt

Yogurt snack

If you are craving an ice cream switch to yoghurt same family and come on it tastes good. The Greek yogurt is the best kind for weight watchers.

6.      Fruit

If you know your classes of food well you would know everything here is definitely good for you.

7.     Groundnut, Cashew nuts, Almond

Go nutty, have a mouthful and enjoy but stay away if you have allergies

8.     Healthy Popcorn

 Healthy Popcorn snack

Yes there is such a thing. Indulge.

Let me know what you indulge in when you are trying to be healthy.