Spice Up Your Sex-Life With These 5 Tips

It’s common for couples sex life to experience dry spells in their relationships over time.

Sex is like a conversation. The more connection you have with your man in the bedroom, the happier and more intimate your relationship becomes.

So if you are looking for practical ways to improve your sex life, this is for you!

  1. Be spontaneous. Don’t make sex a boring routine. Yes, due to busy work schedules and the kids being around, you’ve probably worked out a sex schedule – specified days and timings. But who says it can’t happen on other days? There should be unplanned days when you let sex happen. Opportunities will always come and when they do, go beyond the routine bedroom scene. Trying other places in the house makes it more fun. The kitchen, living room, study, and bathroom - make it happen anyhow, anywhere! Dress up for the kill – seduce him, spring up a surprise romantic dinner, get sexy for him in new lingerie and oh mine, get ready for the mind-blowing sex that will follow!
  2. Don’t rush, enjoy the foreplay! Take your time when aiming for incredible sex. Lovemaking isn’t something to be rushed. Learn to explore and love each other’s body, enjoy the foreplay. Do you know what brings him ecstasy? Don’t hesitate to tease him; you’ll be surprised by how much pleasure touching him brings you too.  Let your bodies communicate. Enjoy touching him and the pleasures of being touched in return.
  3. Sex Positions: Now you’ve set the mood, let your sex position be part of the fun. Thrill your lover, don’t do the usual. Attempt something new from the achievable one thousand and one lovemaking positions. Some positions allow you to connect and explore more with your lover.  Explore, discover and try them out!
  4. Communicate and Connect. Maintain not only a physical but an emotional bond with your partner. Create emotional intimate moments with him. Make eye contact with your man during sex; tell him how he turns you on. Communicate openly – be free in discussing your sexual desires. What excites you? Let him know what gives you pleasure. Are there certain parts of your body you love him touching? Are there things you fantasize about? Tell your partner and give them a try if possible. It will help you open new doors to your relationship, explore your sensuality and of course, put a lot more fun into your intimate moments.
  5. Exercise and Food - Working out is a great way to improve your sex life. Dancing, yoga and kegel exercises are healthy and sex boosting. Do you know that aside their physical benefits to your body, these exercises help you feel good about yourself, clear your mind, and increase your likelihood for sex? Now you know.

There’re also certain aphrodisiac foods that can stimulate your sexual desire and give you more sexual satisfaction. Some of these foods stimulate circulation and blood flow to the male and female sexual organs thereby boosting sexual libido. Easy to find passion-inducing foods in Nigeria include: Watermelon, Spinach, Garlic, Tiger nuts, Dates, Onions, Strawberries, Avocados, and Sweet potatoes.

You want to get in the mood? Indulge in these libido stimulating foods deliberately and generously.

Being sexually fulfilled compliments your overall emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing...won’t you rather spice it up?