Swimming As a Good Workout for Women

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Female swimmers experience significantly less tension, depression, and anger after exercising than before. Swimming as a workout is an excellent, low-impact exercise that can help women maintain fitness throughout their lives.

Not only those swimming help burn calories fast,  it is also a major fat burning exercise irreplaceable in any diet and exercise program to lose weight. If you are a woman that is too busy to exercise daily, getting effective weight loss benefits in the time you have is one thing to look forward to in swimming as an exercise for women.

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Why Swimming Is a Good Workout for Women

For women who don’t get to do much exercising, swimming makes a great way to break into fitness without the initial burden that comes with starting back up with exercise on your joints and untrained muscle tissue.

Swimming Builds Cardiovascular Endurance

Swimming is good for the heart and the lungs. It improves and strengthens cardiovascular functioning. Strong lungs improve oxygen transport to the cells and muscles throughout a woman's body.

The more efficient and effective your lungs become, the easier breathing becomes during swimming and other modes of exercise. Increasing cardiovascular endurance contributes to higher calorie expenditure and increases in exercise duration and intensity.

 Swimming strengthens a woman's heart, helping lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels while also reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.

Provides Low-Impact Exercise

According to the Bucknell University Athletic Department, the body is 90 percent buoyant when submerged in water. For example, when a woman jogs in the pool, only 10 percent of her body weight is experiencing impact.

 Swimming as a form of workout helps protect the joints from high-impact movements, such as the pounding and bouncing that are common during running or other land activities.

Swimming is a smart exercise choice for women that are living with osteoporosis, a disease that renders bones brittle and weak.

According to the National Women's Health Information Center, “women are more susceptible to osteoporosis than men. Water activities provide a low-impact workout for women who have weak bones and joints without compromising their health”.

Swimming Eases Exercise Difficulties During Pregnancy

Since women are mostly buoyant while swimming, pregnant women may be more comfortable exercising in water than on land. Improvements in muscular strength and oxygen efficiency may ease the challenges of labor and will help a woman's lungs deliver oxygen effectively to her baby.

Swimming may lower stress levels and anxiety experienced during pregnancy. The Baby Center reports that; swimming may help women sleep better and empower women to deal with psychological and physical challenges associated with pregnancy.

Women who love to be fit and healthy should engage in swimming as a form of exercise, it's fun and offers great benefits as well.