Tall Girls' Guide to Looking Fabulous

Women have different unique shapes and sizes, tall and slim, tall and curvy, average and thin, petite and curvy, small and slim. Each figure is beautiful in its way, all you need is the perfect outfit for your body type.What fits your friend may not look good on you. For example, what looks good on your friend who is a slim hourglass may not suit you if you are a plus sized apple shape.  

How to Style Your Tall Frame

lady with Tall frame sitting down

Just like small women out there, tall women come in different shapes and sizes as well. You can be tall and lean, tall and curvy, apple shaped, pear shaped, tall and short-waisted, tall and long-waisted and so on.Tall women should learn to love their height. It is what makes you beautiful and unique. You can pull off any outfit with the right confidence and posture.Don't be shy, Flaunt your legs!          

Most tall women have beautiful legs. Tall women should not shy away from wearing short dresses and heels. It is sexy!

Show off your curves in a classy manner. Wear well-fitted clothing. This does not mean tight clothing. Well-fitted clothing means clothing that suits your shape and size at all the right place and is comfortable. Ill-fitting clothes are for example sleeves that are too long and tops and pants that look like they have shrunk. Avoid everything that is in the wrong position on your body. Ill-fitting clothes will make you look weird, out of place and will not flatter your curves.

Stay Away from Monochromatic Outfits: To avoid looking endlessly tall, avoid monochromatic (single hue colour) clothing. Wear different colour top and different colour bottom to create a break off your height. The horizontal line break will make you appear shorter.

Show off your long neck. When getting ready for a night out, your long expanse of neck and your new décolletage are assets you should not forget to flaunt. Wear interesting necklines, pull your hair back and wear necklaces or large earrings that attract the eye.

 Avoid looking too big. To avoid looking "big," make sure you only wear one oversized item at a time. You can wear wide-legged pants with a tight top, or pair an oversized jacket with skinny jeans.

Don't shy away from skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are the perfect opportunity for tall women to show off their gorgeous body. Don't think about the length. It is okay if they are a little short, well better for flaunting your shoes.  A turn up is really in at the moment so roll over the hem by about an inch or two and make sure your footwear is flaunt-worthy.

a lady withTall framewears yellow maxi dress

Nobody can rock a maxi dress like a tall woman. No matter how much average and short people try, they just can't pull off a killer maxi dress the way tall women do. Make friends with a maxi dress.   Skirts are good outfits for most tall girls. If you are looking to choose the right dress for yourself then just remember to try all sorts of clothes in order to find the best one for your personality. Mostly, high waisted skirts are the best option. Belts can also be helpful to highlight your best body parts.

Being a tall woman is truly one of the best gifts you can get, its what makes you unique, beautiful and stand out in any crowd. If you are tall, all you need is the right attitude, posture and you can pull off any outfit confidently.