The Many Wonders Of Beetroots

It’s all about super amazing Beetroot today - another superfood nature has blessed us with! Unfortunately, this bossy vegetable as it’s often referred to is known more for its juice’s overpowering purplish-red/pink hue than for the incredible numerous nutritional and health benefits in it.

Beets discovery dates as far back as the Middle Ages. Though this medieval vegetable was then cultivated by the ancient Greeks, only the leaves were eaten by them. Considering them highly medicinal, Hippocrates used beetroot leaves for binding and dressing wounds. However, in later years, the Romans began to eat the roots as a laxative and a cure for fever. Amongst other earliest known benefits of beetroot enjoyed by the Romans, was its use as an aphrodisiac. A high amount of boron - which is effective in the production of sex hormones - is contained in beetroot; another natural Viagra on your hands, right?

But that’s not all there is to Boron! Boron is a trace nutrient essential for the normal growth and functioning of your body. Boron works greatly in improving the natural ability of your body to absorb calcium and magnesium.  It’s necessary for the formation of specific steroid hormones, reduces menopausal symptoms and deals significantly with arthritis and osteoporosis.

Brimming with nitrates, Beetroots has proved to lower blood pressure, increase the production of red blood cells and improve the flow of blood within the body. These properties have earned it a high ranking on the list of heart friendly foods.

Wonders Of Beetroots


Beet leaves are particularly loaded with vitamins K and A. The leaves and juice are rich in antioxidants – Betanin and Polyphenols are known great purifier; effectively ridding your body of toxins. These antioxidants also work in reducing the oxidation of bad cholesterol, protect the artery walls and guard your heart against diseases. Oh! I shouldn’t forget to mention as well that Betanin is the same healing substance used in producing anti-depressants. This means a regular beet diet will sure rid you of any possibility of anxiety and depression. Awesome, don’t you think?

Love to the gym and keep fit? Then Beetroot shouldn’t be missing in your regular diet. Due to the high content of antioxidants, a drink of Beetroot juice just before hitting the gym is certain to boost your stamina and help enhance your exercise performance. Your muscle function is further preserved, and possible muscle soreness and inflammation due to exercise strain are acutely reduced.

Though Beetroot is sweet, it’s remarkably low in calories and if on a weight loss journey, it should be a part of your regular diet. As an outstanding source of Vitamin C, folate and fiber, immunity boost, normal tissue growth and smooth digestive functions are some of the many other benefits of Beetroot. Other nutritional contents in this super vegetable include - manganese, potassium, and iron.

Here’s one more use of Wonder Beets. Got flaked hair or dandruff? Simply boil some beetroots in water and massage into hair when cooled. Try it consistently, and you’re set to be wowed!