The Mistress Handbook

A mistress is a relatively long-term female lover and companion who is not married to her partner, especially when her partner is married.

This is the type of article one should write anonymous but I trust you guys. As a single girl, most of the attention I have received is from unavailable or unsuitable men and if you notice, for those who have this experience is that they are the most caring and very eager to solve your life’s problems whether spiritual, academic or financial.

My advice to ladies out there who are considering taking up the offer of an unavailable man is – DON’T. A marriage is a sacred bond and it shouldn’t be tampered with.

If you are already in that sort of relationship however, there are rules you must observe;

Mistress Rules

Mistress lady

  1. You’re a mistress not the wife, know your place!
  2. Mistresses don’t complain. It is the wife’s role.
  3. Even if he tells you he loves you more than his wife, don’t let that get into your head.
  4. Mistresses should not call the man first, wait for him to call.
  5. Be friend his secretary and driver.
    Unless your married man is carrying on with his secretary, she can be an invaluable asses in your relations or relationship with him-relations as in sex, relationship as in a working or living arrangement
  6. Mistresses should avoid the wife as much as possible. As much as possible don’t patronize the wife’s beauty parlor, jewelry shop, dress shop.
  7. Be discreet, confide in no one. If you are a known mistress do not divulge details of your relationship.
  8. Have a beard; be publicly linked to another man.
  9. Mistresses should be ready to give up Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Holy Week and his birthday. If he spends any of these days with you, you are doing a fine job.
  10. Don’t fall in love, always look out for yourself.
  11. Resist the urge to shower him with gifts. Evidence, evidence…!
  12. Perish all thought that someday you’ll be No. 1 for your own sanity.
  13. Avoid being seen in public with him. Because it’s forbidden it’s supposed to be hidden plus don’t ruin your chances with single, quality men when you are ready to settle down.
  14. Remind him to pay for everything in cash – dinner, flowers, perfume, champagne, pearls, diamonds, a microwave oven, etc.
    In God we trust but pay in cash you must. A broke mistress is a sad tale.
  15. When all else fails, leave him. Well whether it fails or not, the relationship must have a shelf life.