The Mother In Law Misconception

By the time you watch Nollywood movies and read blog comments, you may be convinced that all mother-in-laws are of the devil. Yes, there are bad mother-in-laws but i don’t think we talk enough about the ones that are truly God sent.

Let’s discuss some instances where you might actually be the cause of the mother-in-law drama.

1. Your Mindset

You enter the relationship prepared ‘’not to take nonsense from anyone’’. This attitude clouds your judgement and allows you over react in simple situations.

2. Everything Is Personal

I have watched this scenario a few times to describe this scenario perfectly.

Exhibit A: Your mother sees you carrying your baby a certain way and comes to relieve you while you have guests. You are grateful she is giving you time to relax. Your mother-in-law does the same and you infer she is trying to show you up as a bad mother and embarrass you in front of guests.

3. Competition

Yes, he is your husband. He is also her son. Stop creating situations where your husband has to pick sides. Every mother-son moment is seen as a threat.  Every suggestion is an attempt to over ride your position. Is it really that serious. Tolerance should be your watch word.

4. Pretence

Before you got married, you visited your mother-in-law every weekend, cooking delicacies and telling her how beautiful her lace looks. Fast-forward to the present, your mother-in-law visits you every two weeks and it becomes an intrusion. Don’t fake a relationship when there isn’t one.

5. Conflict

Sometimes being confrontational sends the wrong message. Addressing every situation can be tiring. Don’t you think? Before you react to anything your mother-in-law says or does, imagine it was your mother, brother or sister and act accordingly.

What are you guilty of?