The Tea On Slim Tea

If you have an Instagram account then you know how the teas that Draya Michele, Khloe Kardashian, Angela Simmons and the likes use. The question is- are they worth your coins?

These teas promise you heaven and earth. It does not help that all the adverts show how curvy you are supposed to become after drinking it. According to most of these teas; they help reduce bloating, get rid of water weight and increase your metabolism. I can tell you for free that most of these teas are laxatives and diuretics. Laxatives promote bowel movements while diuretic increase urine production. I am not going to lie; I actually possess one or two “slim teas”. The purpose of this article is to basically lower your expectations about them. They do help in the odd cases where you have over indulged but they are not a sustainable weight loss option.

slim tea

Diuretics and Laxatives in Slim Teas

If you do not mind the longer or incessant toilet times, I say go for it but please avoid slim teas when you have a presentation or you have to be out in public. Natural diuretics and laxatives you might find in herbal teas include dandelion and aloe vera. Herbs with laxative properties include Senna. You have to be careful though with the teas with these properties because they may affect the way your bowels function. It may lead to diarrhoea or constipation, if your body becomes too accustomed to them.

You may also need to stock up on vitamin supplements as you may lose electrolytes and vitamins with consistent bowel movement.Metabolism-Boosters

Some herbal teas contain ingredients said to boost your metabolism. Green tea, caffeine and capsaicin from hot peppers have metabolism-boosting properties, but the net effect on your daily calorie burn rate is negligible.  Guarana is also present in certain weight loss concoctions which provide the body with energy. It does the same function as caffeine and is an ingredient present in some energy drinks. This is useful if you actually decide to exercise alongside taking these teas.Chitosan, white willow bark and green tea are ingredients manufacturers may claim can help you turn on fat-burning mechanisms in your body.

Appetite Suppressants

Certain ingredients in herbal slimming teas, such as caffeine, garcinicia cambogia, do help suppress the appetite slightly, so you might eat less and lose some weight. Sometimes though, it is actually just in your mind. It has the reverse effect on me as I tend to eat more.Eating 500 to 1,000 calories fewer than you burn daily will help you lose 0.5 to 1 kilogram a week.  I know this sounds really small but slow and steady wins the race. If you eat right, exercise and use the magic weapon teas, I bet you will achieve great results.