Tips For Planning Your Child’s Birthday

Child's birthday

I have had the chance to plan a few birthday parties, and in a matter of weeks, I will be planning my child’s first birthday party (I cannot believe it’s a year already!). While I was thinking of ideas, I realized it isn’t as easy as it seems planning a birthday especially if you are trying to work with a small budget. So I have compiled a few tips to help you plan an awesome birthday party.

1. Set a budget and stick to it

This is imperative and is the first thing to do. You need to decide how much you are willing to spend and ensure you stick to this amount. I advise planning a small first birthday party since your child will not even remember the party but be sure to take lots of pictures he can see when he is older

2. Have a guest list

Ok, it might be a bit difficult for some people to stick to a guest list, but remember, the party is not really about you but your child. So focus instead on your child’s friends from school or crèche; if your child is young (say the first birthday), and doesn’t have friends then invite only close friends and families and a few neighbours with their kids.

3. Decide on your venue

You would have to decide where to hold your party; it could be at a restaurant, at a recreational garden or even at home. Apart from the fact that your child will feel safer in the comfort of your house, it will also save you much money

4. Decide on your theme

What cartoon character or toy does your child like? This will help you in determining the right theme as there are lots of options to choose from. The theme will determine the party décor and possibly the cake design

5. Timing is critical

You have to pick the perfect time for the party; it is probably best to start the party right after your baby’s nap because a sleepy baby is a fussy baby. Try not to exceed an hour or two for the party, if possible. If the birthday falls on a weekday, consider having it the weekend before or the weekend after.

6. Games

Get an MC or friend who is an expert in kiddies games and parties; you will need to plan lots of activities for the children since they can be easily bored

7. Food

What is a party without food? I, for one, will hate a party without jollof rice. That aside, you could arrange for finger foods, candy, cake, biscuit and drinks without neglecting the jollof rice, of course.

8. Hire a photographer

Did you think your smartphone will suffice? No way. You need to get a professional photographer to take pictures and make sure every moment is captured.

9. Party bags and souvenirs

Party gifts


It is customary to give gifts to your guests at the end of the day. Order for party bags and fill them with toys, biscuits, colouring books, pens, candy, etc. It is also nice to give a little gift to the adults as well, so they do not feel left out

Party bags