Tips to making an impression on the First Date

You just met a new guy probably via a mutual friend or on the internet and you have both decided to go on a first date to get to know each other better. Are you are wondering what to wear, what to do and how to behave? Here is a guide to making a good impression on your first date

Your First Date

couples on first date

Prepare for your date

  • Know if it’s a casual or fancy date before making any fashion plans. Dress to impress while still wearing what you are comfortable in.
  • You need to be well groomed, first impressions matter a lot
  • Make a list of conversation starters and questions you can ask your date even before you go out, this will help prevent awkward silences.

Plan a brief first date

Since you don’t know how the date will go, it is best to plan your first date to be short. It could be a quick lunch during work hours or a quick drink early in the evening. A first date doesn’t warrant a movie or dinner or any long event.

Communicate openly and honestly

Talk to your date and listen to what he has to say. Try to listen a little more than you talk, but don’t let the conversation die out.

Ask open-ended questions

Don’t ask Yes or No questions, this will give him a chance to speak and you will learn more about him. Ask about his hobbies, his job, his family, his taste in music, books etc.

Pay your date compliments

We, ladies like been complimented, it is also the same for the men. Find something to compliment your date about; it could be a part of his clothing or even his smile or behavior.

Offer to pick the tab or at least pay for yourself

You should offer to pay the bill but if your offer If you offer is declined, don’t fuss about it.

Be yourself

 It’s understandable if you are nervous, but try to be your usual self. You don’t need to put on airs or act what you are not.

Be Positive

There’s no reason to bring up bad past relationships or bad dating experiences on the first date. It’s probably best to avoid discussions about exes

Be polite

Do we really have to say this? Avoid criticizing your date or others around you. Don’t make disparaging comments about your date

May your first date lead to many more dates.