Tips To Raising Responsible Children

We all want responsible children, but responsible children are not born that way. They are responsible because someone (most likely the parents) instilled a sense of responsibility in them. So, as parents, we can also raise our children to be responsible. Here are some tips to doing that.

responsible Children

1. Start young

Ever heard of the phrase ‘Catch them young’, well it is at play when it comes to teaching responsibility to your kids. You cannot start teaching them responsibility in their teens and expect it to work out. The best time to start teaching it is when they become toddlers since they can communicate and understand you better at this stage. You can start by asking your child to pack up his toys into the toy box after playing with them or asking him to take his plates to the kitchen.

2. Be a Model of Responsibility

Guess what! Your children watch your every behavior and emulate it. So if they see you being responsible, they will do the same. For instance, if you teach them not to leave things lying around; you need to ensure you also put things in their proper place, this way they learn from your tidy behavior.

3. Allow your children to help you

When you are doing house chores, ask your children to help you with little things. It could be as simple as helping you throw dirt in the bin or helping you put things in their proper places.

4. when you are at fault

When we own up to our mistakes, we make our children understand that everybody makes mistakes and we need to accept responsibility for those mistakes.

5. Praise them

When your child does something good you have taught them e.g. taking their plates to the kitchen, praise them for a job well done. A simple ‘Thank you,' ‘Great job’ or ‘I’m proud of you’ works wonders.

6. Don’t criticize when they make mistakes

Your children will no doubt make mistakes. If and when they do, avoid criticizing or yelling at them, instead appreciate them for making an effort and show them the proper way its done.