Trending Fashion: Caps

Sometimes it's the smallest change in your look that can impart the greatest difference. You don't always have to reboot your entire closet in order to look brand new (although, of course, I would never shame you for doing such an exciting thing).

Adding a cap to your wardrobe choices is the answer. I know it may seem too simple but it works, trust me. You can style it different ways depending on your outfit.

Snapbacks, berets, baseball caps are taking centre stage amongst celebrities and fashionistas. Before you say you are neither, imagine picking up your kid in the afternoon looking all fly in the latest cap style or just strolling down to the supermarket.

Caps were really popular in the 80s.This retro style has returned with more styles and looks. These days, caps come in various styles, fabrics and textures. I have seen some cool Ankara ones around. Leather is pretty cool if you got spunk. They really will fit everyone, some more than others as observed with certain Nigerian artistes. There is no need for taking measurements prior to buying a cap. Meaning you can easily see one online and just shop.

The best part about this trend for us women is that it is perfect on days your hair refuses to co-operate, if you have had that weave in too long and when you have something to hide.

To wear a classic caps

Choose a bright, colorful and eye-catching outfit, and don’t shy away from bright lips, either. Then brush your hair down and casually throw your cap on top. It’s understated and casual, yet very on trend.

You don’t have to be dressed casually to rock a cap. You can pair a cute dress with a cap. It gives a quirky yet unique look.

You can especially wear it for outdoor and sports related activities.

If you are a tomboy, I bet you already own one. We girly girls are just jumping on this trend.