Trending Fashion: Hot in Ankara


What is Ankara?
What is Ankara Fabric?
Isn’t it the capital of Turkey?
It is the capital of Turkey and it is also the name of a popular fabric worn by many of us.

Ankara was formerly known as Dutch wax print. It was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market. But, by mistake or design, these prints garnered significantly more interest in West African than in Indonesia. Recognizing this opportunity, the Dutch decided to focus on West Africa. As such, the prints changed to reflect African culture and lifestyle more. African print was henceforth born. As you might suspect, this is the condensed gist of the issue. 

Ankara Fabric

a lady with Ankara Fabric

The long and short though is the universal acceptance of these prints in the West African market specifically. Ankara is one of the cheapest traditional fabrics (made even cheaper when Chinese manufacturing of the fabric became widespread). If you notice, other African fabrics like Aso Oke are reserved for special occasions, but Ankara is used for everyday wear.

lady with Ankara Fabric gown

Ankara can be used to make a fashion statement for yourself ranging from Ankara Tops to Ankara pants, even to the Ankara accessories like bags and shoes etc.

Recently , this West African Trend has become more popular on runways and even international stars such as on the runway and has been embraced by some of our fav celebs and fashion pioneers including Elle Varner, Beyonce, Solange, Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Michelle O, and the Kardashians to name a few.

Just when you think the Ankara trend is dying. It resurrects with even chicer fabric patterns and colours. Have you been to a textile shop recently?

I was strolling through the gram (Instagram) and I found some really gorgeous pieces.

lady with Ankara Fabric skirt


Ankara Fabric blouse and trouser


ladies displaying Ankara Fabric wears


Be adventurous with your Ankara. Let’s see your styles.