Trending Fashion Styles: Patterns


Any fashionista worth her salt knows that fashion nowadays doesn’t have to be matchy matchy. If you have ever been afraid to clash, I encourage you to try out these patterns and be adventurous in your fashion.

Reading through this article, you would see that I love Ezinne Chinkata‘s style. When I thought patterns, been adventurous and edgy that was the name that came to mind.

Have a look at the latest patterns in vogue right now;

Bold Gingham Patterns

Gingham patterns seem to be in for a few seasons now, though it has only gotten bolder for 2016. There is a bit more accenting to it now, a bit more color and a touch more creativity.

First Draft Prints

These days words are heavily used and this is not just something for the youngins. In this case, a few designers opted to write their pieces on their garments, a creative process presented that uses imperfect or amended slogans.

Watercolor Prints

We see paintings of all types, but instead of brushstrokes, here we have some intriguing watercolors that take on the iconic works of master painters.

Plaid & Checkered Patterns

While plaid is a rather large print trend but now bold colors and bolder designs, the smaller more geometrical and clearly lined checks are even more interesting and appealing.

Stars & Geography Prints

The world is a beautiful place and there comes a time when designers are going to turn to some geographic prints to sate their curiosity in bringing that beauty onto the fashion floor.

Stars are cool now too. Dresses, denim and other garments find themselves adorned with stars!

All Different Stripes

It is a warm weather classic that has been around for ages, or at least many decades and has been getting an update on an annual basis.

Clearly Animal Prints

This is my favorite trend. It looks fantastic as well, with animal features appearing on the runway in clear detail – as opposed to simply being the print of the hide – throughout the Fashion Weeks around the world.


I love to see you try these trends.