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Peplum wears

They come in different types and styles of waist cuttings and flares, and are a must have and an all-time classic. Peplums are outright statement pieces that flatter any body shape. Curvy, slim, or tall, peplums can be worn by all and being really stylish, works for any occasion - work, cocktail party, date night or casual weekend.

Made to give the illusion of a slim small waist, peplum styles do wonders for the silhouette of a plus sized curvy lady. A well placed peplum will hide a thicker midriff, so if plus-sized, it's always advisable to carefully make your selection of peplum tops when making a purchase.

For the bold and beautiful, pairing A-line skirts with peplums won't give a right balance for your body proportions. A peplum top with a midi or knee-length pencil skirt remains the vintage combo for any body shape especially for formal events but that's not to say peplum tops can't be paired in several other ways.

If you've got a petite frame or a slim silhouette, peplum with a flared skirt or a pair of palazzo pants is certainly a head-turner. If you’re trying to be a bit more fashionable, match with a pair of skinny jeans. Gunning for that casually stylish look? Then pair it with a pair of distressed jeans, and for a more relaxed impression, a pair of plain or pleated shorts.

For accessories, belts have a way of enhancing that classy effect of peplums. However, an over-sized belt is a NO NO.  A thin metal belt or any with contrasting colors is preferably best when aiming to accentuate your look. Thinking of ways to add more class? Adorn a simple but elegant neckpiece and you're good to go!

Interestingly, you can wear a jacket or blazer on your peplum top as well, and if you are wearing pants, pointed toe shoes will not just lengthen the line of your legs but also add that touch of grace. For more choice of shoes, high heels – ankle strapped, pumps and platforms are great options. Ballet flats are also excellent choices.

Don't have a peplum piece in your wardrobe yet? Now you've got more than enough inspiration to get one!