Trendy Short Hairstyles to Rock In 2017

trending short styles

Back then, people believed that short hairstyles did not offer us much freedom and variety.

Today, the versatility of short hairstyles has become so impressive, especially those stunning styles for African women, whose hair is naturally thick and dense than their counterparts from other continents.

Some of us simply start blooming with short hairstyles, while longer hair makes us look ordinary.

The fact is, practically every woman has once dared to try a chin length or shorter haircut.

To wear short hair in the previous century was rather a sign of manliness. Today short female hairstyles look very feminine and sexy.

A beautiful short hairstyle begins with the correct choice of a short haircut, optimal for you. Short hairstyles tend to highlight the shape of your face and your facial features, especially your eyes so it wouldn’t be appropriate to claim that short hairstyles suit everyone.

However, if you have beautiful, healthy skin and an oval shaped face, you will be gorgeous with literally any short hairstyle, starting from an extremely short pixie to a chin-length bob.

Also, if you know you have something to conceal, you should be more exact about the choice of the right short haircut.

If the shape of your face is not as perfect as you’d like, you can still correct it with a short hairstyle.

If you have a round face, you will benefit from hairstyles with the volume on top and thinned sides.

If you have an oblong face, you require volume on the sides (waves work very well) and long bangs, blunt cut or slanting.

If you are looking for short hairstyles to do, check the photos below.


short hairstyles


short hairstyles


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