Using Blush the Right Way

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I know a lot of people who don’t like to use blush because they don’t know how to apply it properly. Here is a guide to using blush the right way.

1.Choose your blush type
There are three basic types of blush to choose from; cream, powder, and gel

To apply cream blush;
(a) Prep your skin with foundation

(b) Apply cream blush in an upward motion

(c )Blend into the skin

(d)Set your face with setting powder

To apply powder blush;
(a)Prep skin with foundation

(b)Set face with powder

(c)Apply blush up and towards hairline

(d)Blend the blush and apply setting powder to set

2.Buy a Quality blush brush
You will need to purchase a quality blush brush not just any makeup brush

3.Stay in a well-lit place
Makeup is best done in a well-lit place, so when applying your blush ensure you are in a well-lit place.

4.Prep your face
Before you apply blush prepare your face. Wash and moisturize your face, apply foundation and every other makeup product then apply your blush.

5.Put on your blush last

Apply your blush little by little; it is easier to build on your blush than to take it off if it’s too much. To apply your blush do a fish face, this will make your apple cheeks easier to find.
If you apply too much blush blend it out with your powder, this will tame the colour.
Dust your face with translucent powder to get your look.