Ways To Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Sex is important, but a lot of times we shy away from discussing it. Today we are discussing tips on boosting your confidence in the bedroom or wherever.

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Ways To Boost Your Sexual Confidence

1. Relax

You might not feel confident if you are stressed or exhausted, you need to take time out and rest you will realize your sex drive is renewed.

2. Don’t compare yourself

Comparing yourself to others will only make you unhappy with your body and it will reduce your confidence. Forget all your body issues and picture yourself as a sexy, confident woman your man can’t get enough off. Rather than feeling sad about not having enough boobs or butt, look in the mirror and appreciate the things that you have and take pride in them.

3. Break out of your comfort zone

It could be splurging on sexy lingerie or sending a sexy text to your partner or experimenting new styles.

4. Ambience

Turning down the light and playing soft music is a good way of boosting your sexual confidence. So next time you want to make love with your man dim the lights and play some slow sensual music, you can thank me later.

5. Involve your partner

Know what turns your partner on. Talk to your partner to know what turns him on so you can do it. You don’t always have to appear as a receiver you could also be a giver; you could take charge.

6. Don’t fake it

No matter what you do please don’t fake an orgasm. When you fake an orgasm (even to please your man), he assumes he has done the best and won’t make any extra effort. Talk to your partner and both of you could explore and make efforts together to improve your sexual life