Ways To Grow Your Natural Hair Super Fast

Oh the many joys of natural hair!

There’s certainly more to taking the decision to abstain from hair chemicals than a seasonal trend. From the feeling of freedom natural hair brings to a healthier hair, versatility (more styling options), new growth and of course uniqueness – becoming a naturalista sure opens up a new world of possibilities.

If getting your hair to grow while on this natural hair journey is a major concern, be rest assured you aren’t alone. Rome as often said, wasn’t built in a day. The usual growth for hair in a month is only about a quarter of an inch - half an inch. But with loads of patience and a simple but effective hair care regimen, your dream of having long healthy locks will sure come true.

Here are some useful tips to help make it super-fast:

Natural hair loves moisture. Moisturize your hair at least twice daily (morning and night). Dampen with a little water, and then rub in some leave-in conditioner and seal in the moisture with some oil (coconut, olive, avocado, almond, castor, peppermint, shea butter etc).

Don’t leave out your ends when conditioning your hair. Dryness and breakages start from there so give them some attention too.

Are you using the right combs for your hair? Wide-tooth combs are best option to minimize breakage while combing.

Wide-Tooth Comb For Natural Hair

white tooth comb

Do you leave your hair out at night? Always tuck your hair safely into a satin/silk scarf when going to bed.

Excessive heat can stall growth and severely damage your hair. Try not to apply too much heat to your hair, avoid an overuse of flat irons, curling irons and blow dryers. Use more of roller sets, wraps, twists.


Wash your hair with a shampoo only once a month. And always pre-poo the night before or hours prior to washing. This detangles your hair and adds moisture to your follicles.


Other times when not using a shampoo? Co-wash it! And don’t forget deep conditioning at least weekly too. Always apply a leave-in conditioner and of course, essential oils to keep the moisture locked in after every wash.


Increasing blood flow into your scalp is one great way to stimulate hair growth. To achieve this, try a 5minute scalp massage daily with fingers dipped in essential oils.


Protective styling helps make your hair resistant to breakage by protecting against wear and tear, and keeping your ends intact. Be sure to choose styles that don’t stress your edges.

Hair care doesn’t have to be expensive. Make the most of some natural stuff right there in your kitchen to grow your hair. Onion juice, Apple cider vinegar, potato juice, egg mask, coconut milk are some of the things that work.

And finally, drink lots and lots of water. Your hair needs it too!

Natural hair is definitely exciting. Whatever the length of your hair, rock it girl!