Ways To Wear Your Off-Shoulder

One hugely popular design that seems to be making waves season after season is the off-shoulder. Stylishly elegant or casual, the off shoulder suits any occasion. With its versatility, you really shouldn't wonder why it remains on the list of hottest trends.

From blouses to dresses and jumpsuits, it's becoming cool to show off them shoulders. Plain or patterned, the stunning neckline of off-the-shoulder outfits is a sure winning style; grand enough reason to consider it another wardrobe must-have, isn't it?

Pulled off the shoulder for a dramatic effect or worn slightly higher to create a flattering scoop neckline, an off-shoulder piece is certain to give you that unique, sophisticated look any time of the day. Combine top with high-waist trousers, pants or a skirt, for a formal occasion and something a bit casual, pair with jeans or denim shorts. Desire a smarter look? Hmmm...throw on the top a good looking blazer with some heels and rock on!

As for accessories, remember your off-shoulder dress or top is your best accessory, so don't cover it up by loading on too many. A simple, trendy neck piece will do justice to your look without stealing the show.

offshoulder wear

It's becoming quite fashionable to show off your bra straps when wearing off-shoulder pieces, but if you don't want yours showing, it's suggested to wear a strapless bra or one that has a good-fitting band then push the straps down.

 Strapless bras can, however, be real unbearable especially for those of us who are well endowed; so here's another trick - wear a convertible bra and wrap the straps around you to give that extra fit. Other options? A strapless bra top, an adhesive bra, and if you've got the courage, free-boob it!

Sometimes, keeping an off-shoulder piece in place can be tricky; some have very tight elastic, others do not. Some sit better than others; just by lifting up your arms, the neckline slips off the shoulders. Quite uncomfortable, right? So when buying, it's best to try on a few styles to check and be sure they fit comfortably.

Now you know how to rock bare shoulder pieces, go ahead, give your wardrobe a style conscious boost. Won't you?