Wonders of Water on Your Skin

I honestly cannot over estimate the wonders of water on your skin. I am sure you have heard countless times that our bodies are made up of 80% water so we definitely need water to keep refreshed and nourished.

Now there are two major ways you can experience the wonders of water on your skin. They are pretty obvious but you can indulge in this free (well not so free considering utility bills and packaged water) natural goodness by hygiene and drinking it.

Nothing beats a refreshing shower after a hot, sticky day or a warm soothing bath even on cold days.

Wonders of Water on Your Skin

lady using water on skin

Water directly cleanses dirt and impurities

Yes, I know you have all your fancy products but imagine no water to use alongside.

Using water from a poor source can harm your skin

Everyone who has been to a hard-core boarding school can definitely attest to this. I used to get allergies and skin irritations a lot then.

Water is great for relieving fevers

I remember when I was younger and my mother would sponge me all over when I was running a temperature. It is still an effective way of a cooling a high fever.

Water helps curb cravings

I mean this especially helps when you are broke. Just kidding. Drinking water helps you feel fuller for longer.

Water helps keep a protective layer on the skin

I bet this is the part you have been waiting for, not drinking water makes your skin dry and dull. This makes the appearance of wrinkles more visible.


Drinking water is the best form of detox. It helps to get rid of toxins by excreting them. It also helps lubricate the organs.


The best part about water is that there is no price tag attached to it so you drink up.


Why don’t we start a 30 day water challenge? No fizzy drinks, no alcohol just pure good water.


Join me.