You Have Stretch Marks, So What?

Afro American lady in the beach

‘’Has a man ever run away by the sight of your naked body?’’

I am actually quoting Julia Roberts from the movie ‘Eat.Pray.Love.’ The answer is truly always No. I am sorry to disappoint you if you were looking forward to reading ways to get rid of stretch marks; I may or may not discuss that.

Social media went ablaze when beautiful American songstress Justine Skye who has been romantically linked to ‘Wizkid’ put up pictures where the stretch marks on her bum and thigh were displayed in full glory. I saw the pictures and I loved them, it did not take away one decibel from her beauty. I loved how real and honest she was about her body. It is very easy to get stuck in this fake, plastic world celebrities, the media and people of extreme means show us. I want a hot body as much as the next woman but today I am telling you it is not real. I can tell you that a very small percentage of women are totally hairless from the neck down with no extra body fat or cellulite to show. Some people spend hours in the gym and still don’t have those defined curves very popular on social media.

This is a call for you to love yourself. No, I am not telling you to be complacent or lazy. I am telling you to love your body whatever journey it is currently on. I say journey because the ideal is to strive to be better versions of ourselves inside and out as we live our days. True beauty and attraction are really from confidence, when you see and appreciate the beauty in yourself others will. This absolutely works for me, I go into a room not sizing up or looking down at the other women, I appreciate the beauty in others and I am certain there is something beautiful in me to also be admired.

You are beautiful, stretch marks or not. Don’t let that stop you from being fun, fearless and confident.

Love and Light.