Who says healthy eating can’t be enjoyable? 
Try a super tasty nutritious smoothie, then you’ll agree that healthy food can be a real juicy treat. Smoothies are easy to make and a perfect way to enjoy fruits and veggies. Morning, noon or night, throw together any combination of fruits and vegetables and you’re assured of a great healthy drink/meal in minutes. 

Before we get started on today’s recipe let’s see some more ways of making smoothies taste better:

Today’s recipe is a healthy twist to the popular tropical Pina Colada, Puerto Rico’s national drink since 1978. In making this cocktail, fresh fruits will be substituted for store bought canned/packed juices. 

Don’t we all love cocktails? Who doesn’t? Cocktails are refreshing delights to unwind after a busy day, or probably add flavour to a happy celebration. However, how much of these cocktails can be enjoyed when on a low-calorie diet? Let’s find out.

Lady running

Who doesn’t need as much endurance as possible in a fast-paced society like our Naija? I bet you do! Often referred to as stamina, endurance is certainly a crucial element if you must be happy and productive. 

Regardless of your age, weight, level of daily physical activities and love for sports, the relevance of staying-power can’t be overlooked. Whether planning to take part in the next cross-country marathon or trying to battle through your daily busy schedule, improving your energy and strength to remain sustained should be a priority if you’re determined to succeed.

Popularly referred to as diet pills/ diet supplements/ anti-obesity pills, slimming pills are often promoted as a fast approach to weight loss. And in a bid to significantly drop some dress sizes rapidly, many turn to these seemingly miracle weight-loss drugs. Some work, some don’t but the question is - how safe are these wonder pills?

bum shorts or pair of jeans! It’s time to dazzle girl.


Low Cholesterol

Sticking to a low fat / low cholesterol diet is a sure track to healthy living. But making healthy food choices can sometimes look very boring and deterring.  However, if you must lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, cutting back on calories and your cholesterol intake is of utmost importance.