If you have had to pay a professional makeup artiste for an event, you would know that adding false eyelashes will set you back about an extra two thousand naira. Very painful (at least for me).

I went out and bought a very affordable pack. After sitting hours trying (and failing), I learnt some things. Let me spare you the agony. May I also add you should buy good quality eye lash glue!

My childhood friend came to Lagos from the U.S for the holidays with her entire family and we were comparing notes. A part of our conversation stayed with me into the New Year. She told me how her 6 year old was beginning to ask questions and make statements that she felt were too advanced for her age specifically, about getting behind the wheels of her car.

Marriage can be fun and sometimes stressful. And even when it’s perfect and running smoothly at first, be sure that marriage will definitely bring lots of changes to your life. Often heard the cliché “a good marriage takes work”? Well, as old and common as it sounds, it’s the honest simple truth. Despite existing love, it takes lots of effort and working together to keep it moving. Thus it’s important to always see marriage as work in progress. 

Wow...the fabulous power of a perfectly shaped eyebrow (arch)! Brows are so major that they can either build or ruin your appearance. With or without makeup, your brow shape can notably change the shape of your face and your entire looks. Unfortunately, eye-brow shapes are not “one-size fits all”. Just like body shapes, facial shapes also differ, and there are varieties of eyebrow arches to fit different face shapes. 

In today’s sophisticated world of fashion, not wearing make-up feels almost like a crime. Make-up does a lot of wonders to a woman’s appearance and most times, we tend to feel vulnerable without it. Most women can’t even survive without makeup. But then we all have days when abit of a rush, we simply just don’t feel up to the task of going through the usual morning beauty routine of making up (I’ve been there too!). 

Does this make you less a diva? I don’t think so.

A woman’s accessories are what makes her look glamorous. Accessories change a look from plain boring to extraordinarily intriguing. They enhance our outfits and help us achieve the image we want people to see. 

How you dress affects the way you feel so most mornings, we tend to go outfits that match and complement our mood and that actually sets the tone for the day.