40 plus women food

When you reach the age of 40, you’ve reached a pivotal point in your health. 
Although you may feel as active and energetic as ever, your dietary choices can have an increasingly significant effect on your risk of chronic diseases.

Managing your weight, monitoring your cholesterol levels and protecting your heart health and bones take on more importance at this stage in your life.

In the years when you are getting close to menopause, eating a balanced, nutritious diet lays the foundation for a healthier future.

Acne is a very annoying skin condition. Most of us get acne at one point or the other.

It occurs when the skin’s pores get clogged with dead skin and oil.

Acne occurs most in older children and teens going through puberty when hormones cause the body’s oil glands to produce more oil.

Studies suggest that following a healthy diet prevents and treats acne and gives you radiant skin.

Foods That Are Good For Acne Prone Skin

The holidays are close by and of course, lots of fun. The end of the year remains the busiest time of the year for celebrations and merrymaking. From corporate events to weddings, picnics, beach parties, private receptions at home, etc., you sure will agree with me that so much goes into planning for the various forms of entertainments this festive season is known for.

food to flatten

If you have been working out to get flat abs, it is important that you know that if you spend all your day at the gym, but don't eat the right foods, you may not get desired results.

Your diet plays a significant role in your weight loss journey; you have to eat right if you crave that sexy body.

Foods to incorporate into your diet if you want a flat belly

These foods are healthy and have been proven to aid in weight loss in the stomach area. A flat belly is a feature of a great body.


Watermelon mint margarita

Having friends over for a small party and wondering what drink to serve? This drink is a fun fruity twist to the traditional Margarita, and I am sure you and your friends will love it. Enjoy!


4 cups Watermelon; seeded and chopped

¼ cup Fresh lime juice (about 3 limes)

¼ cup Sugar

½ cup Tequila

1 tbsp lime rind; grated

2 tbsp fresh mint leaves; chopped




Eating healthy foods is essential for everyone.

Even your pets will appreciate an organic diet rich in lean protein, fresh fruits and vegetables and pure spring water.

However, certain foods are especially beneficial for a woman’s body, which is much more than just a smaller version of a man.

The Female body and brains are physically different than the male’.

Women are much more sensitive to the artificial hormones and pesticides crammed into many commercial food products, which can wreak havoc on their reproductive system.