Considered neither as fish nor meat, snails has always been seen as the ideal food to be consumed during Lent. But beyond that, there are quite a lot more reasons to eat snails. High in protein and other essential nutrients, Escargots as they are called in European cuisine, are a delicacy and an integral part of their cooking.

I recently came across a very interesting meal. A true Spainish delight, that's what Pan con Tomate is. Also known as Pa amb tomaquèt, this is a basic staple meal not only for the Catalans (where it originated from), but all over Spain. Talking of cuisines, the Spainards sure have a way with foods. Their unique cooking and food selection is an integral part of their rich history; visiting Spain and not indulging in their foods is almost a sin.

The word tikka in India simply means chunks or pieces. Chicken tikka is a classic speciality from the famous Indian cuisines and rustling it up is as easy as A, B, C. Similar to kebobs/kebabs, tikka are super-yummy, versatile, good to the eyes (colourful) and certainly, easy to make. All of these make them kid-friendly too!

Hello, let's talk some spice!

Ever pleasing, mouth-watering, never disappointing kilishi; always on point! As much as I try to keep my consumption of beef to the barest minimum, I never seem to get enough of kilishi. Made by sun drying freshly cut well seasoned thin sheets of meat, this yummy jerky delight is a real blessing from the North.

A very busy weekday? Need something speedy and easy to rustle up in less than half an hour for the night? I sure feel you. Some days can get so loaded that putting dinner together could be an obvious dilemma. Like always, I’ve got your back - here’s something delightful for you!

Plantain Porridge is quite a famous Nigerian cuisine, an incredible delicacy that's enjoyed by many. Today's quick dinner recipe is almost similar but with a twist – rather than use green leafy vegetables, I'm using assorted veggies. So I'm calling it Plantain Veggie Pottage.