Watermelons are everywhere. And they are amazingly nutritious too!

Consistently seen in almost every corner of the street being hawked by abokis and fruit vendors, there’s certainly more to watermelons than their availability and flavour. Ranking high on the list of the world's healthiest foods, watermelon is a potent body-healing fruit. Its nutrient-dense quality makes it super healthy. Let’s take a quick glance at some of the numerous benefits of watermelon.

Expectant mums know certain foods should be avoided during pregnancy to protect the health of their unborn baby. The list of foods to avoid by      pregnant mums, however, has become so much and so controversial that it's difficult to know which foods pose a health risk and which ones are safe for consumption.

Avoid These Foods

Foods to avoid


Kuka soup

When thinking of a Naija cuisine, the first thing that comes to mind is soup. The reason? Soups are the essential feature of most Nigerian meals.

From the North to the South, to the East and West; across the diverse ethnic regions of Nigeria, there are a thousand and one kinds of soup. And interestingly, each soup is named after the main ingredient used in cooking it.

Miyan Kuka

miyan Kuka recipe on a plate

I love cocktails, and I'm sure you do too!

Combining drinks can be so much fun, and I love mixing things up to suit my cravings to the delight of my guests of course. I'll be sharing one of my favourite go-to cocktail recipes today. It's another healthy, flavourful and indeed sweet traditional Caribbean cocktail - Planter's Punch!

Do you sometimes wonder what magic it is that bartenders perform in conjuring those delicious drinks? Well, there's no magic to it. Cocktails are simply amazing and to rustle up a glass, you sure don't need a master's degree.

In need of a refreshing cocktail for a relaxing me time? Or a crowd-pleasing drink to enjoy with friends? Here's something quick and easy - White Russian!

Love fries so badly you just can't help longing for them?

Well, you're certainly not alone. I used to feel guilty each time I indulge in fries. But not anymore! I discovered something delicious and refreshingly healthy. Plus the fact that it's a winner with my daughter! So I don't have to worry about being tempted to have a taste when making some for her.