Don’t laugh o. This is serious. So I went to the market last week after drawing up a list and budget. I went to buy tomatoes and pepper, I planned to use the cheat mode I usually use on the mallams selling. “Give me all for three hundred naira”. All usually includes tomatoes, bell pepper (tatashe) and chilli pepper (rodo). You can imagine my shock when the guy revolted, “Madam, we no dey sell like that again”. Trust me, I have used this method countless times and even beg for extra.

Teetotalling? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.                                                                          

Well, drinks can be fun when hanging out with friends or trying to cool off after a hard day’s work especially in a society where drinking is an acceptable part of socialization. BUT abstinence from alcohol is widely becoming a trend the world over.  More like a positive socio-cultural change as many more become consciously aware of the detrimental impact of alcohol.


Thinking of one more way to make something interesting out of that yam tuber you’ve got? Or thinking of trashing those leftover cooked yams?(Yam Croquettes).I used to do just that till I found out this amazing yummy yam delicacy. I’m sure you won’t ever let yam go to waste again after you try out this recipe.

Whether unripe, semi-ripe, ripe, over-ripe, plantains can be enjoyed at whatever stage of ripeness they are and in several ways too. Fried, boiled, grilled or roasted, plantains are consumed in almost all Nigerian homes, either as snacks or main meals. Kids sure love plantains too!

Do you know that plantains are highly nutritious? One of the many reasons plantain is on the list of foods to be consumed for a healthy weight management therapy (check here for the numerous benefits of eating plantain).

Veggie Soup

Super-nourishing and tasty.  Yes, that’s beans!

Beans are an excellent source of Protein, Fibre, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Folate, Iron, Zinc, Vitamins A, B and C along with many other nutrients.

Truth be told, there’re a thousand and one ways to enjoy beans. The most popular bean dishes in Nigeria are: beans porridge (cooked in tomato sauce), ewa agonyin (mashed beans with pepper sauce), frejon (coconut bean soup), moimoi (beans pudding), and akara (beans fritters).

 Ewedu and Gbegiri Soup

Let’s talk a little about this amazing nutritious indigenous delicacy of Western Nigeria (Yorubas). Commonly called “Abula”, this cuisine is a sight to sore eyes in bukas and food joints where many love to go have their fill of this mouth-watering meal. And due to its much gained popularity across the Nation, it’s become a common feature on menu lists in parties and even in trendy restaurants. Yes, I’m talking about none other than Gbegiri and Ewedu soup with amala...combo toh bad!