Lady jogging

The more I scroll through social media the crazier the ideas I have. I’ve been stalking some cosmetic surgeons and celebrity trainers. I wish I could just go and hand over myself to them really.

Wouldn’t you love to spend the next week at a luxurious spa to shed those extra kilograms and lose those labs? Impractical? Okay, here is a DIY approach to getting back in shape. Let us try these more practical steps. These steps are also very effective if you are trying to get your revenge body after a break up.

Being mindful of the amount of calories in the foods we consume is key and very practical in keeping an effective weight management regimen. But sometimes, indulging in certain “comfort foods” which are mainly junk foods becomes quite hard to resist.

Originating from the banana Musaceae family, plantains are excellent staple sources of healthy carbohydrates but low fat. Commonly referred to as potatoes of the Caribbean, plantains unlike bananas are vegetables and not fruits. And though they may look similar, plantains are usually bigger, longer, thicker skinned and have lesser sugar than bananas.

They also have higher starch content and shouldn’t be eaten raw.

Popularly referred to as “poor man’s meat” or “poor man’s supper”, beans are in no way food for the poor alone. On the contrary, beans should be embraced by all as the super healthy food there are. Beans are not just a natural source of energy but a nutritional powerhouse because of their wonderful nutritional value and health benefits.

Nothing definitely beats the aura of confidence and sex appeal a perfectly shaped shoulder gives. It’s no small wonder then that achieving well-defined triceps are top on many women’s fitness goals. I’m sure you’ll agree that they complement gorgeous legs perfectly well.

There is nothing like having your own gym at home. Commercial gyms can be fun as they certainly have a more social quality than working out at home. Although sometimes, being social does not make your workout effective. Exercising all by yourself at home may seem boring initially, but when you put your mind into it, you’ll realize that you’re able to remain focused and have faster, more productive workout sessions.