There is nothing like having your own gym at home. Commercial gyms can be fun as they certainly have a more social quality than working out at home. Although sometimes, being social does not make your workout effective. Exercising all by yourself at home may seem boring initially, but when you put your mind into it, you’ll realize that you’re able to remain focused and have faster, more productive workout sessions.

Love to rock those comfy shorts? Love to have strong sexy thighs? Nothing definitely beats the feeling of being able to show them off in striking outfits.

I’m sure you’ll agree that the attraction lovely legs command is quite irresistible. But sometimes, thighs can become so wobbly with the slightest accumulation of fat - a real trouble zone I would say. However, with these 5 minute lower body /upper legs workout compilation, you’re set on your way to flaunting fabulously toned thighs.

As a meal or snack, a glass of smoothie is an assured way of increasing or getting your daily dose of healthy nutrients. A good smoothie should contain a blend of ingredients with protein and fibre to not only keep you full but also provide adequate antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Put together an assortment of healthy vegetables and sweet fruits, and you’ve got yourself a perfect smoothie mix.

Don’t you just love the Caribbean? There’s something about the cool fresh sea breeze and feel of warm sand in between your toes that makes it almost impossible not to long for a revisit, right? Known for their awesome refreshing cocktails, the tropical Islands remain the best vacation spots. And when not on the Islands, it’s amazing how a sip of a tropical drink such as pineapple mango punch sends you right back there.  

A good thing some of these drinks can be whipped up right in the comfort of your home easily without stress. Don’t you think so? 

go ahead - stay happy and healthy with these yoga poses! Watch this space for more!


Chicken is an absolutely protein staple that makes a great meal option. As a healthy source of protein, chicken can be a standalone meal or sometimes, combined with other ingredients to create a yummy full meal. Although it’s an all-time crowd-pleaser, chicken can become very boring at times. But interestingly, there are several ways to explore the versatility of this lean protein. When cooked creatively in several ways with a variety of flavours, there’s no limit to how flavoursome it turns out.