Most of our celebrities with the enviably tiny waist like Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, swear by waist training.

Waist training, also known as waist cinching became popular in the 1900s, first in Europe and then in America. It spurred by the invention of the corset, which was replaced later by the girdle.

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Female swimmers experience significantly less tension, depression, and anger after exercising than before. Swimming as a workout is an excellent, low-impact exercise that can help women maintain fitness throughout their lives.

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When you're trying to get pregnant, you may need to give up some of your habits.No one enjoys giving up the things they know and love, but to have a baby, it’s really worth it, right?

There are certain foods you should cut back on (and avoid), and some healthy lifestyle changes to start making.

Things to Do While Trying To Conceive

Drop that soda and fruit juice

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Pregnancy is one of the beautiful phases in a woman’s life. When a woman is pregnant, the body undergoes physical transformation and demands soft and comfortable clothing. The ideal outfit for pregnant women is the one that allows the abdominal area to expand, as it is best for both the mother and the baby.

Berries smoothies

When you are trying to lose weight, you should add fruit smoothies to your diet because you've heard or read that smoothies aid in weight loss.

Smoothies do help you loose weight especially when taken on an empty stomach. It helps detoxify the body, burn excess fat, and even gives you radiant skin.

However, your smoothie may actually be making you add pounds without you knowing it. Smoothies can make you gain weight if you are making individual mistakes while preparing them.