One significant way of staying alert and on top of your game with your breast health, is to know the normal look and feel of your breast. This way, you will notice any change or know what to look out for.

Child birth scares some women for different reasons. I am particularly concerned with the state of the vagina after that. I worry that it may lose its tone, I mean a little human just passed through there. Childbirth is just one of the conditions that may weaken the pelvic muscles and reduce vaginal tone. Other factors include; age, obesity, straining during bowel movements and having a hysterectomy i.e. when the womb is removed. You can tell the pelvic muscles are weakened when a person experiences urinary incontinence.

’No man is an island’. I have heard that phrase so many times in my lifetime. ‘A problem shared is a problem half solved’.  That is another very popular saying. What those two phrases mean is that it is better to have people around you. It is very easy to say human beings are terrible but in the words of 2Baba “I know you cannot trust nobody but you have to trust someone”.

Abundantly blessed with vegetation, Nigeria has an enormous array of agricultural produce, and top on this list of food produce are leafy greens. Amazingly rich in vitamins and antioxidants, these healthy fresh vegetables form the basis of most Nigerian soups and quite many dishes.

Having a fair knowledge of the nourishing power of these greens will to a large extent help you adequately harness them. Without much ado, let's have a look at some of the most popular green vegetables that grace the table in most Nigerian homes.

Currently, there is an increasing number of women who are concerned about their looks. The infatuation of having a rounder and bigger butt has steadily increased over the past few years.

Specifically, many want to know the best butt and body shaping exercises so that they can increase the size of their butt and hips but which won't affect their waist size. The good news is that some exercises can increase the size of your behind and give your body shape. 

Butt And Hips Shaping Exercises          


Stress is an inevitable feature of our ordinary everyday lives and being able to deal with it aptly is quite fundamental. When I feel stressed, the first thing that comes to mind is massage. You know why? Massage does wonders for sore muscles.