Currently, there is an increasing number of women who are concerned about their looks. The infatuation of having a rounder and bigger butt has steadily increased over the past few years.

Specifically, many want to know the best butt and body shaping exercises so that they can increase the size of their butt and hips but which won't affect their waist size. The good news is that some exercises can increase the size of your behind and give your body shape. 

Butt And Hips Shaping Exercises          


Stress is an inevitable feature of our ordinary everyday lives and being able to deal with it aptly is quite fundamental. When I feel stressed, the first thing that comes to mind is massage. You know why? Massage does wonders for sore muscles.

You've been trying to lose weight for so long that I am sure you've been told to exercise. Well, you would if it were fun. Fear no more, we are here to help with that. Here’s a list of a few exercises that are fun to do which would most importantly help you stay fit, healthy and lose weight. Make a fitfam date and call your friends and family to join you.

1.Hula Hoops

Have you ever been at a crossroads deciding which meat is best for you?

Meats are a great source of animal protein. But first, let's get the word meat clarified. Often misunderstood by many, meat isn't only cow meat. Meat can be the edible flesh and food source of any animal (mammal or bird) - cow, goat, sheep, pig, chicken, etc. Meats from all these animals have specific names. The most common edible ones in Nigeria are cow/ bull - beef, goat - chevon, sheep (ram) - mutton, pig - pork, chicken - chicken, and turkey - turkey.

 People have different reasons why they would not go to a gym even though we all really need the benefits of exercising. I avoid gyms because I am afraid to make the financial commitment and not end up going. It does not help that the really good gyms can be a bit pricey for my financial situation. Some other people have no gyms close by or are shy to exercise in front of people.

I got your back. Here are some ways to get fit without a gym!

Yoga helps women get through the various stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy effortlessly. Simply said, right?

Pregnancy sure comes with so much excitement and of course, some series of challenges (considering the numerous hormonal, emotional and physical changes that accompany it). And for some women, the experience can be totally overwhelming. But over the years, lots of mums-to-be and mothers have been able to successfully improve their overall wellbeing while also finding a sense of balance by practicing yoga.