The child in mind is very much alive, can you tell? Well, today I watched Moana, and I enjoyed it tremendously. Moana is a great family movie; I love the direction Disney is going these days, skipping Prince Charming altogether.

Disney Moana

A sport lady

Boost your self-esteem with these tips:

woman with self esteem
1.Talk and Think Positively
The way you think about yourself has a positive influence on your self-esteem. Start thinking positively, this will help build your confidence and eventually, your self esteem.

Black woman doing micro blading

Honestly ladies I can be your guinea pig for almost any beauty concern. So after I got my eye lash extensions which I loved, I started thinking about micro blading, which is a service that my salon also offers.
 I may have lost some people right now, so let me explain. Micro blading is a technique like waxing or threading for eyebrows only it is semi permanent, giving defined brows and tint for up to 18 months.

Finding a good shampoo can be stressful, especially if you want to mix your own and you have dry natural hair. While some store-bought shampoos can be stripping and harsh, many homemade shampoos do not seem to clean the hair properly.

The following homemade shampoo recipes may provide that cleansing power without leaving your strands very dry:

coconut milk shampoo

Whether you call them box braids, jumbo braids, or even Poetic Justice braids, this trendy hairstyle is one you should rock. Not only are box braids a fun hairstyle that gives a fun look, but they’re also a great style for girls trying to protect their hair during the cold winter months.

Women like box braids because they offer an excellent opportunity to extend the hair and wear versatile hairstyles which look exquisite yet are very simple to do. 

Bikini waxing

These days the standards of beauty have risen so high that there is this huge gap between what you see in magazines and on social media versus what you see in an average everyday woman especially an African one. I am in no way condemning people that live life the way they do. However, there are some of us who are very curious about how these glamorous women achieve some of their results.