Dying to have a most-sought after flawless skin? Thinking skin therapy? Well, you should! Amongst many other perks, a clear radiant skin is an all-time striking attribute that boosts self-confidence, and of course a sign of sound health. Interestingly, having a beautiful glowing skin doesn’t have to be through cosmetic surgery/laser resurfacing. You can adequately care for your skin naturally without having to rob a bank.

A mistress is a relatively long-term female lover and companion who is not married to her partner, especially when her partner is married.

This is the type of article one should write anonymous but I trust you guys. As a single girl, most of the attention I have received is from unavailable or unsuitable men and if you notice, for those who have this experience is that they are the most caring and very eager to solve your life’s problems whether spiritual, academic or financial.

I saw this picture on the internet about age appropriate chores for children and i noticed some chores had to do with sharp objects. I tried to remember what age I was when my mother first started trying to teach me how to cook. I was about seven years old when she gave me a tuber of yam to peel. I can tell you that it ended hilariously, I managed to peel the yam but i rubbed it across my skin so much that i was so itchy. I had to shower with disinfectant and even had to take an antihistamine. I learnt a valuable lesson, yam skins and human skins (at least mine) don't mix.

I have become more adventurous these days. I just want to experience everything. Well if not everything, many things. When my finances align, I would love to visit Japan(Tokyo).

Tokyo Trip Requirement

For a Nigerian visiting Japan this is what you’ll need;

1. Passport

2. 1 Visa application form

3. 1 Photo

4. Flight booking confirmation slip

5. Documents to prove ability to pay for travel expenses

Oh the many joys of natural hair!

There’s certainly more to taking the decision to abstain from hair chemicals than a seasonal trend. From the feeling of freedom natural hair brings to a healthier hair, versatility (more styling options), new growth and of course uniqueness – becoming a naturalista sure opens up a new world of possibilities.


What is Ankara?
What is Ankara Fabric?
Isn’t it the capital of Turkey?
It is the capital of Turkey and it is also the name of a popular fabric worn by many of us.