Anyone who knows me knows that my Eyebrows affect my mood. I am not being dramatic, they even affect my self esteem. At the moment I have a whack job done to my eyebrows. My regular place was closed so I decided to walk into a popular beauty store to get it done. The results were saddening. The one true saving grace I have is been able to fill my eyebrows well to give the illusion that they are perfect. I tell you this is one of the life skills you need as a woman.

When people think about France they usually think about the city of love, Paris. But as a single girl the French Riviera is paradise. Cote d’Azur its original name before renamed by the English.

For a Nigerian visiting The French Riviera you would need a Schengen visa & this is what you’ll need;

1. Passport (with a validity with more than 6 months)

2. 1 Visa application form

3. 1 Photo (3.5x4.5, taken recently, against a white background)

Your baby has grown, your Maternity Leave is up, and now it's time to go back to work or study. Are you ready? And is your family ready?

After I saw a close friend experience separation anxiety resuming work and leaving her child to the care of others, I saw this as a needful article.

Family life can get more complicated with parents working or studying. There are care arrangements to organise, logistics to plan, and conflicting emotions to process.

So what can help ease the transition for both you and your child?

Here are some tips;

I have been influenced by my colleague to try on this hairstyle. I have always secretly admired people bold enough to have dreads but I can’t imagine having one hairstyle for the rest of my life or till I cut my hair.

Another reason I avoid the natural dreads is that when it comes to keeping and maintaining dreadlocks, there is a lot of work to be done. Maintenance requires a lot of products and this could cause build up in your hair. There are two things you need to note when it comes to maintaining dreadlocks.

When I think of the off-shoulder trend, I remember my beautiful friend Ngozi. The off shoulder trend started last year and does not look like it is going anywhere. My friend was so obsessed with this trend that all her asoebi styles were off shoulder till she picked an off shoulder wedding dress. She looked gorgeous by the way.

I just realized a blunder I made. I wrote to you guys about how to apply foundation like a pro. I missed out a few cardinal details. No matter how great your application technique is, it is all in vain if you are using the wrong product. I have very oily combination skin so the journey of finding the right foundation has been an ultimate search and I want to spare you the chore. I am awesome like that.