right? Now you’ve got all it takes to make your special someone feel even more so. Go for it!    


High school was okay for me, I cannot say I had the best time of my life but it was definitely the peak of my formative years. I can say it was then that I became the person I am today, character-wise and all. University days hmmm…I am trying to reinvent myself so I run from some of my friends from uni. Just kidding. Maybe just a little. Reunion is not something that is uncommon; naturally you would want to meet some of your old buddies and besties once in a while.

He who marries for love without money has good nights and sorry days.” – Ani Difranco

My answer to this question has changed over the years. The Amanda of now says marry for love.

Ani Difranco  also said: “The difference between lost love and lost money is that in lost money there is a possibility of getting back!”

Let me tell you why.

After all that planning and the big wedding you probably want the honeymoon phase to last forever. Tough luck. The longer you stay in a relationship (talk less of marriage) the more you are going to be confronted with real life issues; money being the root of all evil must show up. Before you decide who pays for what, here are some valuable gems I have gathered over the years. Like I said I am ready for marriage.

I have never really considered going natural till now. I have always flirted with the idea of natural hairstyles but I’ve been scared about how I would look. I didn’t want to suddenly switch from having that good hair laid to looking unkempt or like I had joined a particular religious sect. The story is totally different now; just look at all the hotties on Instagram with natural hair!

Makeup foundation

If someone compliments you on your foundation, you're doing something wrong. Well, what I mean is that it should look completely natural. Although I do get complimented when I use my “special going out foundation”.

First things first.