Hair Extensions

Looking good is good business. If you are confused as to what sort of business to invest in this may just be for you.

Of course it is better if you are interested in hair that is if you are a user of hair extensions yourself. You should be your own brand ambassador that is the fastest way to sell.

Hair Extensions

human hair extensions

Step 1: Learn the basics/ Upgrade your knowledge

 Salon Business

‘No matter how broke, the average woman would still do something to her hair’

-Amanda Etuk

You cannot argue with my logic whether you say she will wash it at home, she would buy the shampoo. If she is going to cut it, she would need scissors and a clipper. If she is like some people I know she would need to steam it, dye it, straighten it, relax it, install a weave, braid it etc. You get the picture. Woman must make hair. Would it not be great to be part of the industry servicing this need? Let me rephrase. Don’t you want your share of the cake?

Affiliate Marketing

I know a lot of people have had periods of introspection in recent times, what do I do to maximize my efforts? Increase my earnings? Make money work for me? Etc. I have suggested some business ideas in past articles but this came to me recently. We all spend so much time on the internet these days and own some web or online real estate with blogs, websites and our social media platforms. Why not let that real estate work for you through affiliate marketing, I mean you are already putting in the time. Why not become an affiliate marketer?

Let’s discuss.


You can tell what generation a picture was taken just from the hairstyles and of course the eyebrows.

I have had a love-hate relationship with my hair for as long as possible. I mean it started with being able to do shuku and front and put plenty beads. I can remember tossing my hair from side to side just to hear the beads clank. It graduated from there to doing long brush during high school days. Then the real journey with my hair started after that.

Either by chance or choice, for different reasons, women become single mothers. Whatever the reasons are, single motherhood status is a tough one especially in an African society like ours. Keeping it all together as a single mother can be one big emotional roller coaster. Besides the pressure, the stigma, the loneliness (need I say more?), taking on dual parental responsibilities isn’t easy but it’s definitely not impossible. 

Inspiration is everywhere. Sometimes I get sad when I see what is around me and what is yet to be achieved. I do get lazy, waiting for that golden opportunity to drop at my feet but when I think about these women and see the fruits of their hard work I get off my ass and get in formation.

I hope they inspire you.