Convenience Store

Convenience store is another name for supermarket really. The name convenience simply means it should be accessible to customers and stock basically everything a person would need so they don’t have to run to a bigger department store or its alternatives.

Convenience stores are mostly located around residential areas. There are so many new estates and building developments springing up, imagine servicing the needs of the people living in them. Your selling advantage would already be there, your customers would not have to pay expensive parking costs etc.

Thinking of ways to put new styles to your office wardrobe? Thinking of classy ways to be trendy while still being professional?

Whether intending to buy new outfits to add up to already existing ones, or thinking of a total discard of old outfits for new sets, if creatively planned, you shouldn’t have much of a challenge in combining to achieve that hot confident Mondays – Fridays look.

Given the amount of time we spend at work, it is very common to be attracted and even start an affair with a colleague. This type of office romance relationship is not for the faint hearted.

You should go into the relationship prepared. Here are the pros and cons;

 Home Maker

Aside the fact that many are being thrown out of their jobs due to the ongoing economic strain in the country, quite a number of women are faced daily with the decision to stay at home to look after their kids. Such situations can be quite traumatic as it means a cut-down of income amongst many other issues. But the truth is – losing a job or taking a break off your regular 9-5 isn’t the end of the world. It simply means it’s time to become your own boss by exploring your business ideas while also enjoying quality time with your family.

Why are the zips of all my aso-ebi not going up like they use to? Only when getting dressed in buba and iro do I get that feeling I use to have when getting dressed. Also, I only admitted to myself after my husband made a comment about changes in my wardrobe. I have avoided facing the realities that I have bought more accessories especially Gele and pele over the past 3 years. It has been 3 years since I heard my mother’s voice and seen her smile.

Staying motivated can be tough under the best circumstances. Whether it involves motivation to get in shape, get your business running, finish your coursework etc. It takes work. So how can you stay motivated when your to-do list runs to four pages, when you have not had electricity in two weeks, when you just got another rejection letter, when the car air conditioner and your washing machine decide to stop working at the same time and you can’t find time in the day to work on your own personal projects?